Definition of longboard in English:



  • A type of long surfboard.

    ‘My feeling is that a lot of older surfers would have much more fun riding bodyboards recreationally rather than struggling along with a longboard in surfer-choked point breaks.’
    • ‘The work looked like a cross between a 1960s longboard, and stained-glass windows built by Timothy Leary.’
    • ‘I picked back up with a Boogie board, then a longboard.’
    • ‘Once he told me that any board is a kneeboard; you could ride a longboard on your knees if you wanted to.’
    • ‘This last method works with longboards in smaller surf.’
    • ‘Though longboards remained popular during the early 60's, balsa wood had been almost exclusively exchanged for foam and fiberglass.’
    • ‘Herbie shaped and hand-painted a few longboards specifically for the show, and they're proudly displayed facing super urban Second Street.’
    • ‘The longboards and shortboards have assumed the peak of acceptance and now proudly reside in houses and garages in the place of honor golf clubs used to have in the 1950's.’
    • ‘The heavy presence of longboards and the acknowledgement of the concept of style makes this break one of the most leash-free in California.’
    • ‘In the predawn gloom, an armada of longboards sat in the sand of Windansea beach, bristling like war ships with poles, tackle, and gear.’
    • ‘The boards don't float the surfer like the longboards did.’
    • ‘These buses are very comfortable with AC and can take longboards.’
    • ‘Adorning the walls, were rows of longboards that would make even the most militant shortboarder drool.’
    • ‘It may be the snowboard in the garage, the shortboard gathering dust under the beloved longboard, or the huge gas-sucking 4x4 truck which has never been off pavement.’
    • ‘With 10 minutes remaining, Mimi picked up a wave that the others missed, and utilized her longboard to the full, shuffling up and down its length and picking up valuable points.’
    • ‘I did buy a longboard which may have helped things along, but I have surfed shortboards on a few occasions with no ill effects.’
    • ‘Rather, she may just want to go down to the local beach to ride a longboard, hang out with her friends, and enjoy the ocean.’
    • ‘I have not spent much time on a longboard, but I have tried paddling on my knees.’
    • ‘It's a nice wave, and pretty much perfect for longboards.’
    • ‘We did a tour with Nabula, and those guys all had longboards.’



/ˈlôNGˌbôrd/ /ˈlɔŋˌbɔrd/