Definition of longeron in English:



  • A longitudinal structural component of an aircraft's fuselage.

    ‘The fuselage has also been completely rebuilt with new longerons and the airframe has been completely reskinned.’
    • ‘Mike and Dave began work soon after the aircraft arrived and have completely reskinned the fuselage and installed new longerons.’
    • ‘Each float was supported by front and rear N-struts attached to the bottom longerons of the fuselage and the front and rear stub-wing spars.’
    • ‘Kevlar and Kevlar-composite sandwich materials are used for the engine air intakes, sections of the tail and tail fin, ribs and longerons.’
    • ‘The longerons were good and did not need replacement but we did replace some skins on the lower fuselage.’



/ˈlänjərən/ /ˈlɑndʒərən/ /ˈlänjəˌrän/ /ˈlɑndʒəˌrɑn/


Early 20th century from French, literally ‘girder’.