Definition of longleaf pine in English:

longleaf pine


  • A large pine tree of the southeastern US with very long needles and cones. It was formerly an important source of turpentine.

    Pinus palustris, family Pinaceae

    ‘Generally only a very hot fire, one fueled by drought and a heavy buildup of fallen leaves and pine needles, will kill a longleaf pine.’
    • ‘Ray builds the ecosystem up from the longleaf pine and examines the notable species diversity of these forests and their unique qualities as a habitat.’
    • ‘Since longleaf pine does not produce annual growth rings during its juvenile grass stage, true age cannot be determined.’
    • ‘In addition to red and white oak, these include longleaf pine and poplar - trees hard to find in that area.’
    • ‘In Ocala National Forest, foresters and local volunteers replaced slash pine with stronger, more resilient longleaf pine.’
    • ‘Black jack and post oak frequently co-occur with longleaf pine in fire-prone savannas of the outer coastal plain of the southeastern United States.’
    • ‘Prior to these analyses, patchy recruitment of longleaf pine had been predicted to result in high levels of fine-scale genetic structure due to the colonization of suitable recruitment sites primarily by seeds from nearby adults.’
    • ‘In an effort to re-establish and expand endangered longleaf pine in the refuge, the US Fish and Wildlife Service will plant 10,000 seedlings on the refuge's 33,000 acres of upland forest.’
    • ‘We have done numerous articles in the past explaining that fire can be beneficial to an ecosystem - and in some cases, such as with longleaf pine, is critical to its survival.’
    • ‘The potential for long-distance seed dispersal by longleaf pine was also demonstrated by estimations of seed dispersal into the 75 m plots.’
    • ‘With about 161,000 acres of mostly longleaf pine, Fort Bragg soon began partnering with local conservation groups to buy land along the edges of the post.’
    • ‘We're planting many areas back to longleaf pine in order to restore the natural fire regime.’


longleaf pine

/ˈlôNGˌlēf pīn/ /ˈlɔŋˌlif paɪn/