Definition of look a fright in English:

look a fright


  • Have a disheveled or grotesque appearance.

    • ‘oh my God, I look an absolute fright’
    • ‘He's green, foul-smelling, warty, impolite and looks a fright.’
    • ‘She knew she looked a fright and was trying to lay low.’
    • ‘She realized she probably looked a fright in muddy breeches, and reached up to push a wisp of hair out of her eyes.’
    • ‘My face was pale, I looked a fright, and I was surprised at the tears that were in my eyes.’
    • ‘No wonder you are trembling, I certainly look a fright.’
    • ‘She knew she would look a fright in the morning and could not even fix her hair as her bedchamber had no mirrors.’
    • ‘Yes, Cookie looks a fright in this picture - this is how messy she usually looks when she gets home from daycare.’
    • ‘Playwright Benn Levy said flatly: ‘She looks a fright, her manner is objectionable, and she has no talent.’’
    • ‘And though my head hurts a bit and I'm sure I look a fright, I'm awake, and so happy.’
    • ‘Needless to say, I must have looked a fright.’
    ugly sight, horrible sight, grotesque sight, eyesore, monstrosity, horror, frightful spectacle