Definition of look back in English:

look back

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phrasal verb

  • 1Think of the past.

    ‘don't waste time looking back on things that have caused you distress’
    • ‘I tell myself not to look back to the past and I try not to let this situation get me down.’
    • ‘He didn't see the value in looking back to the past.’
    • ‘All he had to do was to look back to the past and note how far man had indeed traveled.’
    • ‘In this story, he looks back over the past 14 years of the festival as he tells us about the power of art, fire, myth and symbolism to transform our own lives.’
    • ‘He is of the view that, looking back over the past ten years, Laois has moved forward at a great pace.’
    • ‘There are very few people who do not look back to the past with a sense of longing or forward to the future with a sense of unease.’
    • ‘New Year tends to be a time of reflection, a time when we look back over the past year and take stock.’
    • ‘The best thing to do is keep what happens in your past behind you and never look back upon it.’
    • ‘At the turn of the decade, Hawking could look back satisfied with his achievements over the past ten years.’
    • ‘It's an appropriate moment in the football season to look back, and not just on the past nine months.’
  • 2with negative Suffer a setback or interrupted progress.

    ‘she launched her own company in 1981 and has never looked back’
    • ‘Soon electronic engineering became a thing of the past for Richard and he's never looked back.’
    • ‘With the help and encouragement of friends, we started to farm - and never looked back.’
    • ‘I bought 300 books from a collector $3,500 in 1976, and I've never looked back.’
    • ‘When I moved down to London I sold my car like a shot, and I've not looked back since.’
    • ‘A few months later he won his first national title in the 400 meter free, and he hasn't looked back since.’