Definition of look before you leap in English:

look before you leap

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  • One shouldn't act without first considering the possible consequences or dangers.

    ‘As Simon noted, of course ‘you should look before you leap,’ but it is also true that ‘he who hesitates is lost.’’
    • ‘The rationale was the same that has guided Carter in much of his post-presidential career: look before you leap.’
    • ‘Better to go slowly, they say, and look before you leap.’
    • ‘Instead, your friends and I usually waste breath exhorting you to exercise some restraint and look before you leap.’
    • ‘Dad… didn't anyone ever tell you to look before you leap?’
    • ‘Moral of the story is, next time look before you leap.’
    • ‘The decision on where you base yourself needs to be carefully considered, taking into account costs, competition and access - as is the case every step of the way, look before you leap!’
    • ‘They may help you reach a decision - but look before you leap.’
    • ‘Someone didn't realise that you must look before you leap.’
    • ‘Obviously it helps to know the background before you jump into the middle of a season, so look before you leap.’
    be on your guard, watch out, look out, mind out, be wary, be careful, be cautious, be on the lookout, be on the alert, keep your eyes open, keep a sharp lookout, be on the qui vive