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look up to

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phrasal verb

  • look up to someoneHave a great deal of respect for someone.

    ‘he needed a model, someone to look up to’
    • ‘Old people should be looked up to and respected because they do have experiences that we haven't.’
    • ‘He is someone we can respect and look up to, but he's not so high above us that we feel low and downtrodden.’
    • ‘This generation looks up to, respects, and admires their parents.’
    • ‘He is the kind of person that people want to look up to and respect as a leader.’
    • ‘Barry has always been a hero to me, someone to look up to and admire!’
    • ‘It has been brought home to us how much of a local person Clive was and he was very much looked up to by the customers and his friends.’
    • ‘She was really one of the old aristocratic school who everybody looked up to.’
    • ‘We need people we can look up to in order to make sense of our own lives.’
    • ‘They are players that the younger lads look up to and most importantly learn from.’
    • ‘Those were days when teachers were looked up to and discipline was strict.’
    admire, have a high opinion of, think highly of, hold in high regard, regard highly, rate highly, respect, hold in esteem, esteem, value
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