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  • 1A person who looks.

    ‘the percentage of lookers who actually buy is pretty low’
    • ‘The largest online travel company converts only 5 percent of their lookers into buyers.’
    • ‘Creamy beige furnishings let lookers know this is a tasteful home.’
    • ‘The bid spotter to bidder ratio was about one to one, but about 200 lookers showed up after lunch.’
    • ‘‘I would say the number of lookers is down about a third,’ said Helen as potential buyers examined her consignment on Sunday.’
    • ‘While the Internet generated just 3% of all reservations, online bookings are expected to double next year and the marketing team wants to turn lookers into bookers.’
    • ‘Even before the Nasdaq crash, they were scrambling to make their sites easier to use and to turn more lookers into bookers.’
    • ‘She was exceedingly beautiful, fully grown yet young still, and in her eyes was a depth and maturity that never ceased to captivate the looker.’
    • ‘I wanted, in my character of listener and looker, to be enticed.’
    • ‘In a random sequence of trials, the looker either looks at the back of the subject or looks away and thinks of something else.’
    • ‘The title episode of the novel reveals the full importance of the power of sight and of being an active looker; watching God is an active rather than a passive enterprise.’
    • ‘Almost out of reflex she glanced up at the hospital, wondering if it was possible that was where the mysterious looker stood, watching her movements.’
    • ‘The critic's job is to help a less knowledgeable looker find the beautiful thing.’
    • ‘And yes, you will get lots of lookers not necessarily wanting to buy, but will if they recognise a bargain.’
    • ‘It has become a gathering place for experienced and new, old and young, teachers and students, painters and lookers, buyers and sellers, dreamers and doers, and everyone else.’
    • ‘An experienced realtor is trained to separate the ‘Lookers’ from the ‘Buyers.’’
  • 2with adjective A person with a specified appearance.

    ‘a tough looker is not necessarily a tough fighter’
    • ‘A big tough looker stood up on top of the car behind John and me.’
    • ‘She was a tough looker and she had enough berth to get through the crowds easily.’
    1. 2.1 informal A very attractive person, especially a woman.
      • ‘he shook his head in admiration—she was some looker’
      • ‘Val grew to be a real looker, eventually moved to Los Angeles and became an actress.’
      • ‘The girl was a real looker but I don't like the look of the other guy.’
      • ‘‘You could be a real looker if you wanted to be, Archie,’ she said.’
      • ‘She was a real looker too, blonde hair, dyed I'm guessing, honey brown eyes, flawless complexion, and a gorgeous body.’
      • ‘‘That one's a real looker,’ she heard from the men's direction as she sat down opposite Gerald, who seemed oblivious to the whole thing.’
      • ‘He smiles and his eyes get all squinty. ‘You're gonna be a looker someday, I can tell.’
      • ‘I don't doubt your mother is a looker, he usually went for the pretty ones.’
      • ‘Since she's a looker, he certainly would have remembered her face and name.’
      • ‘Both brothers are lookers, and Cameron is particularly drawn to Jesse's enigmatic reserve and ‘thoughtlessly perfect body.’’
      • ‘Sure she's quite the looker but you and I both know what really happened.’
      • ‘I like you and all and there is no doubt that you are a looker but for right now at least, I want to be your friend.’
      • ‘She was a looker and he was counting the minutes before he could spend some ‘quality time ‘with her alone.’’
      • ‘You know, you too have really turned out to be quite a looker since I first met you.’
      • ‘She returned his look. ‘I'm twenty-eight, and not much of a looker, now am I!’’
      • ‘But you don't need to be nice, I'm never going to be a looker like some of those cheerleaders.’
      • ‘Bruce, you'll be quite the looker, I think, when you get older.’
      • ‘I'm certainly no looker, but my short dark hair and green eyes definitely look good on my sculpted face, and I keep in shape.’
      • ‘To most girls, he was a looker… but to me; he was just Ryan, my perverted best friend.’
      • ‘He wasn't much of a looker, but the second you started talking to him he took your breath away with all his useless knowledge.’
      beauty, beautiful woman, dream, vision, picture, pin-up, goddess, Venus, siren, charmer, enchantress, seductress



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