Definition of looky-loo in English:



(also lookie-loo)
  • 1North American informal A person who comes or stops to look at something out of curiosity, especially when such attention is unwelcome.

    • ‘the trespassing looky-loos caused her to build a fence around the front yard’
    • ‘Here's a treat for all the North Shore's looky-loos: the popular Spring Designer Kitchen Tour.’
    • ‘Hopefully that was harsh enough to deter the looky-loos from inadvertently spoiling it for themselves.’
    • ‘For those of us looky-loos who can't resist such cinematic catastrophes, the film is one shameful delight.’
    • ‘That scared most of 'em off, but I'm told the looky-loos are so prevalent now that it's impossible to deter them.’
    • ‘That is an attempt to try to keep away the looky-loos, the people who will not have a ticket who will try to see who will show up for that.’
    • ‘Residents tried to get the eyesore removed until they realized they could make money by hawking souvenirs to all the modern day druids and looky-loos that flock from far and wide to visit.’
    • ‘She is very good at what she does, which is to collect people like curios and throw sprawling house parties for them - parties that attract never-ending hordes of looky-loos simultaneously bemused and repulsed by the grand spectacle.’
    • ‘They don't want us to give out the exact location so a bunch of knucklehead looky-loos try to chase down and get in the way.’
    • ‘If you want to keep the looky-loos away, you could adopt an appropriate strategy.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the agency evacuated thousands of looky-loos from Johnston Ridge.’
    • ‘You know, so many of the facts about this case have been released already to the media, that these looky-loos that have followed the case can virtually know everything about the case and make a confession sound very convincing.’
    • ‘The gig had got off to a bad start, with the crush of car-crash looky-loos.’
    • ‘We dodged the lookie-loos that now came cruising down the lane.’
    • ‘"Look at those lookie-loos," I said, pointing to the curiosity seekers.’
    • ‘The rest of the lookie-loos can stay the hell where they belong.’
    • ‘See for yourself: Galleries are free, and they love lookie-loos like you.’
    • ‘He can, however, and should spare you having to deal with the lookie-loos because of your feelings on the matter.’
    • ‘My grandparents never minded the lookie-loos, it came with the territory of owning such an interesting old house.’
    1. 1.1A person who views something for sale with no genuine intention of making a purchase.
      ‘a treat for all the North Shore's looky-loos: the popular Spring Designer Kitchen Tour’
      • ‘The Rangers are fielding offers, but most of the teams who are calling fall into the "looky-loo" category.’
      • ‘And we'd get about 40,000 looky-loos in four days.’
      • ‘In the blogosphere, looky-loos equal traffic.’
      • ‘A good business broker will separate the real buyers from the looky-loos, bring in more qualified prospects, and usually can garner a better price for the business.’



/ˈlo͝okēˌlo͞o/ /ˈlʊkiˌlu/


1970s humorous reduplication of either look or looky.