Definition of loose-jointed in English:



  • 1Having or characterized by easy, free movement; limber.

    ‘He has the loose-jointed movements of an athlete, and a brisk heedlessness as he crushes raw sugar into a splash of coffee.’
    • ‘A rangy, loose-jointed seventeen-year-old, at an athletic five ten or thereabouts he measured a bit shorter than I. He spoke softly through a perennial smile, laughed easily, and had only good words for anyone.’
    1. 1.1Having loose joints.
      ‘Interestingly, while loose-jointed dancers often get into professional training programs, they are more likely to develop injuries over time.’
      • ‘Affected individuals often are tall, slender and loose-jointed.’
      • ‘One recent study found that subjects who were "loose jointed: used more energy in walking and jogging than those who were medium or "tight jointed."’
    2. 1.2Loosely built, badly put together.
      ‘He blends archival footage with a complex, loose-jointed narrative.’
      • ‘Petronius, Apuleius, Rabelais, Swift, and Voltaire all use a loose-jointed narrative form.’