Definition of loosen up in English:

loosen up

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phrasal verb

  • 1Warm up in preparation for an activity.

    ‘arrive early to loosen up and hit some practice shots’
    • ‘Precede your weight training with a light whole-body cardio warm-up as usual, and do some light sets of the first exercise to loosen up your muscles.’
    • ‘She took a few steps away from the others and then started doing a few exercises to loosen up her cramped muscles.’
    • ‘First classes were for beginners and those present were introduced to the foundation exercises to allow body muscles to loosen up.’
    • ‘Stretching should always precede any form of exercise in order to warm and loosen up the muscles and to avoid injury.’
    • ‘Since the practice was held in Dalkey, a little less than 2 miles from the house, I decided to run there so I could loosen up and relax a bit.’
    • ‘While the rest of the Connecticut players merely loosen up, stretching the muscles used on their jump shots, Brown instantly goes to work.’
    • ‘When she got up out of bed and did some get exercising to loosen up, she started to get ready for the council that afternoon.’
    • ‘The dancers and musicians loosened up for their collaboration through exercises such as call-and-response sessions, in which a musician would improvise a phrase and a dancer would respond with movement.’
    • ‘While almost everyone else on the team is getting pounded through the course of a game, the kicker wanders the sideline in a clean uniform, occasionally loosening up by kicking balls into a net.’
    • ‘There he is, at the end of the runway, preparing, psyching, wobbling thighs, flexing fingers, loosening up, imagining his jump, imaging he's going to jump right out of the stadium.’
    • ‘When you see a golfer taking a practice swing they are not just loosening up, they are telling their subconscious what they want to happen.’
    • ‘With no practice swings or loosening up the Fulford ace let fly, despite being racked by pain in his neck and shoulders.’
    1. 1.1Become more relaxed.
      • ‘they taught me to have fun and loosen up’
      relax, become relaxed, unwind, ease off, ease up, become less rigid
    2. 1.2loosen someone up, loosen up someoneMake someone more relaxed.
      ‘beer relaxes certain parts of your brain and loosens you up’
      • ‘The crowd really loosened up once the headliner took the stage.’
      • ‘It's nice loosening up and being able to say what you really feel.’