Definition of loricate in English:



  • 1Zoology
    (of an animal) having a protective covering of plates or scales.

    ‘The idea that loriciferans are no more than ‘neotenous’ or progenetic priapulids is based on misunderstandings of the supposed resemblances between adult loriciferans and the loricate larvae of priapulids.’
    • ‘Similarities also exist with certain aschelminths, in particular the loricate priapulid larvae.’
    • ‘Stiff cuticles are simple to recognize, and loricate genera can often be recognized based upon lorica shape alone.’
    • ‘Brachionus is a common loricate rotifer in fresh water ponds and streams.’
    • ‘The distribution and biogeography of loricate ciliates (absolute abundances and specific composition, over 150,000 individuals identified) was analyzed on the basis of over 500 subsurface samples collected during six oceanographic in oceanic and shelf break front waters in the Southwestern Atlantic, and in neritic and oceanic areas of the Antarctic Ocean.’
    1. 1.1Having a lorica.



/ˈlôrəˌkāt/ /ˈlɔrəˌkeɪt/


Early 19th century from Latin loricatus, from lorica ‘breastplate’, from lorum ‘strap’.