Definition of lorikeet in English:



  • A small bird of the lory family, found chiefly in New Guinea.

    Charmosyna and other genera, family Loridae (or Psittacidae): several species

    ‘Active fast flying lorikeets and big birds such as cockatoos and macaws should be in a large flight aviary.’
    • ‘The introduction of exotic diseases and trapping for the pet bird trade are also responsible for the declining numbers of lorikeets in the wild.’
    • ‘On a leafless European tree, not more than ten yards from my window, are sitting upwards of thirty lorikeets.’
    • ‘Wild lories and lorikeets spend their days climbing, hopping and hanging upside down while feeding from flowers.’
    • ‘This lorikeet is mostly green, with a yellow patch at the side of the breast.’



/ˈlôrəˌkēt/ /ˈlɔrəˌkit/


Late 18th century diminutive of lory, on the pattern of parakeet.