Definition of lose-lose in English:



  • Of or denoting a situation which is disadvantageous or damaging to all those involved.

    ‘he even gets his way in what would clearly be a lose-lose situation’
    • ‘The current council tax system leads to a lose-lose situation.’
    • ‘The police knows it's in a lose-lose situation.’
    • ‘So I was in a win-win / lose-lose situation whatever happened.’
    • ‘Strifes like that are due to excessive dogma and idealism and can only lead to lose-lose situations.’
    • ‘In other words, can inter-human conflicts be resolved in a manner beneficial to all, in a win-win situation instead of a lose-lose situation detrimental to all the protagonists?’
    • ‘Without procedures for the circumstances they found themselves in, and no instructions as to how they should act, those police officers and civilian driver were in a lose-lose situation.’
    • ‘Is it worth arguing in this lose-lose situation?’
    • ‘Success or no success, we're in a lose-lose situation.’
    • ‘This is potentially a real lose-lose situation.’
    • ‘Clearcutting provides an example of a lose-lose situation in which machines replace people and destroy an ecosystem.’
    • ‘If it is such a lose-lose situation, how on Earth did it happen and how can it be avoided in future?’
    • ‘‘It is a lose-lose situation, Colonel,’ he said tiredly, his helpless tone making his old frame appear even more fragile.’
    • ‘It's a lose-lose situation for small business owners.’
    • ‘It's a lose-lose situation and he seems to be happily oblivious.’
    • ‘When we recover, we will have a lose-lose situation on our hands.’
    • ‘In other words, instead of creating a win-win situation, this type of legislation creates a lose-lose situation.’
    • ‘As we learned with the TV show, it's bound to be a lose-lose situation, ready to backfire any minute.’
    • ‘I wanted to argue back with him, but it was a lose-lose situation for me.’
    • ‘So it's really a lose-lose situation all round, and the health authorities are not taking a responsible position.’
    • ‘Of course, it is win-win situation for the Government and a lose-lose situation for the taxpayer.’