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North American
  • A place where lost items are stored to await retrieval by their owners.

    British term lost property

    ‘The Swindon Branch operates a lost and found register to assist those who are concerned about a stray or whose cat has disappeared.’
    • ‘Let's just say that two weeks later, I'm still trying to get my jacket sent to me from their lost and found.’
    • ‘Sarah smiled expecting ratty old jeans and a tee shirt from the lost and found, but was once again surprised.’
    • ‘Sure, the money was okay, and I got to keep stuff from the lost and found if it stayed there for three weeks.’
    • ‘I asked the librarian, but she told me no one had checked it into the lost and found.’
    • ‘How often people forget stuff in their rooms: Mary says she brings at least one item down to the lost and found every day.’
    • ‘If hours spread into days, check the lost and found Cats and Dogs sections in this Newspaper.’
    • ‘A few might be solicitous enough to turn it over to the lost and found counter.’
    • ‘Iowa State no longer has a central lost and found center.’
    • ‘She looked around for where the lost and found was.’
    • ‘To the exception of finally finding my glasses in the lost and found box in the office, that day had just been, simply horrible.’
    • ‘The receptionist rummaged through the lost and found box and smiled.’
    • ‘We had run an ad the paper advertising this found cat in hopes someone who was missing her would read the lost and found section.’
    • ‘He deliberately walked by the office on his way to class, and dropped the bracelet into the lost and found box.’
    • ‘If lost and found items are sent to the front desk, place them in a drawer so they won't be distracting.’
    • ‘I just got an email saying my student ID / access card has been handed into lost and found, so it's back onto the bus and out to uni to pick it up.’
    • ‘Well, apparently the dress came from lost and found, and the rest Morella had bought for her daughter.’
    • ‘Every year, 3,000 handsets are turned in to the station's lost and found, says manager Mike Nolan.’
    • ‘I managed to find a local telephone number for British Airways lost and found at Heathrow Airport.’
    • ‘She picked it up with the cloth, saying she would take it to lost and found.’