Definition of loudly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈloudlē/ /ˈlaʊdli/

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  • 1In a way that produces much noise.

    ‘he laughed loudly’
    • ‘the crowd loudly booed the decision’
    • ‘The scene continues for several minutes with the jarring clang of the phone bell echoing loudly.’
    • ‘The film's musical score mostly consists of someone sawing away loudly on a cello.’
    • ‘The sound mix tends to favor the score, perhaps a bit too loudly at times, for the music can drown out the dialogue.’
    • ‘They communicate poorly, fight loudly, and decide to divorce.’
    • ‘That something is Adams' distinct voice, which only speaks loudly enough to be heard on a few occasions.’
    • ‘Extra bonus points if you've inserted three beer bottles on your fingers and clinked the bottles whilst loudly chanting.’
    • ‘She cannot be made to forget him, even by the chief alien shouting at her very loudly.’
    • ‘Each took a cracker and then proceeded to chew loudly, excruciatingly slowly, while the audience laughed somewhat nervously.’
    • ‘The heater coughed and spluttered loudly and we both laughed nervously, trying to ease the tension.’
    • ‘It is great to be in the studio working while the rain pours loudly on the roof.’
    1. 1.1In a strong or emphatic manner.
      ‘they loudly complain about the lack of jobs’
      • ‘I have become furious when hearing tourists from other countries loudly criticizing my country.’
      • ‘Just when the "culture wars" seemed to be subsiding, contemporary art has once again been loudly excoriated as offensive, obscene, and blasphemous.’
      • ‘I'm not going to complain too loudly about an attractive female character being too hot on screen in lieu of her being scary.’
      • ‘They know, as farmers are loudly reminding them, that US cotton is a god, an American icon, not to be trifled with.’
      • ‘It's hard to rant too loudly against them in this case.’
      • ‘Consumers loudly proclaim their preference for chocolate, with the starring role in multiple dairy product categories.’
      • ‘Dutch artists loudly lamented the contraction in patronage and collecting in the 18th century.’
      • ‘If you don't loudly dictate the path that you wish to take from the outset, then clients or other external factors will generate your trajectory.’
      • ‘While the lustiness of the French is loudly proclaimed, the feeling of the English is quieter and stranger, but stronger.’
      • ‘The sculptured roof shapes loudly proclaim an artistic intent as well as modern technique.’
    2. 1.2In a vulgarly obtrusive manner; flashily.
      ‘philanderers given to dressing loudly’
      • ‘Balanced against the building, the garish pink hue loudly calls to the audience, beckoning us to climb its rungs and storm the sacrosanct realm of the museum.’
      • ‘The quality of the material speaks as loudly as the color and can make the difference between sleaze and suave.’
      • ‘At first, we see one loudly dressed mechanic in stately attitude, with his hand on a cannon, ashore, and a ship riding at anchor in the offing.’
      • ‘Do not attract attention by speaking loudly and dressing loudly.’
      • ‘The most skilled player in the game is the master pickup artist, someone who dresses loudly.’
      • ‘They participated in their own early-1990s-style revival by sporting loudly colored pants.’
      • ‘There were pictures of it in various countries, showing Australians huddled around the loudly decorated vehicle.’
      • ‘He spent four days with his dad riding around Cape Breton in a car loudly festooned with the newspaper logo.’
      • ‘Would you be interested in the cobbled mews with some loudly painted houses?’
      • ‘Unfortunately, it is a pie loudly garnished with slices of baloney, a combination that doesn't appeal to many Americans.’