Definition of lounge lizard in English:

lounge lizard


  • An idle man who spends his time in places frequented by rich and fashionable people.

    ‘he was a lounge lizard in London and a stockbroker in Manhattan’
    • ‘The last time she had been fawned over with this air of distracted delight was when one county family thought that she was going to take their appalling lounge lizard of a son off their hands, just because she had slept with him once or twice.’
    • ‘For years he seems to have been content to play the indolent lounge lizard, and as a passive partner in four rather bossy marriages.’
    • ‘Remember that his lounge lizard, smooth-crooner persona was only fully realized after his loud rock years.’
    • ‘Drinks arrived with little paper umbrellas - a nice touch that appealed to my inner lounge lizard.’
    • ‘And to cap it all, he evades his moral inquisitors with the ease of the true lounge lizard.’
    • ‘You're an international lounge lizard who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life.’
    • ‘Forever burned into the public consciousness as the lounge lizard with the leggy backing band; few people seem to remember the time when, for blue-eyed soul, he was the great white hope and what a complex, erudite artist he really is.’
    • ‘A lounge lizard kicked over his stool and slithered onto the octagonal dance floor, clapping hands to summon that blonde trainer who liked to show off during beach volleyball games.’
    • ‘A musty lounge lizard in a worn drape suit, he looks as if he's been with the organisation since the Sixties.’
    • ‘Soft lighting, copper tones, a spiral chandelier and an Art Deco bar create the ambience to make this a lounge lizard's paradise.’
    • ‘What's bad news for the government and corporate America could end up being a boon for the oft-rejected lounge lizard.’
    • ‘There's no spark to him, and he has all the charm of a lounge lizard.’
    • ‘Bypassing Jamie, the lounge lizard hopped up on the barstool on the other side of the brunette.’
    • ‘Some of these characters are returning fan favorites, like the lounge lizard Mel.’
    • ‘I've long been a fan of the North East's most famous lounge lizard.’
    • ‘He looks almost a parody of the Hollywood western villain, or the ‘70s lounge lizard.’
    • ‘One would expect, then, that the larger-than-life playboy, lounge lizard stance that defined the band during the 1990s must be somewhat diminished.’
    • ‘I suppose it's a sort of lounge lizard ensemble.’
    • ‘Far from the laid-back lounge lizards of today's cafes, these houses were hot-beds of political dissent.’
    • ‘All cocktails are on offer too and after 11 pm the house DJs takes to spinning cool sounds to the late-night lounge lizards who might have just wandered in.’


lounge lizard