Definition of lovebird in English:


Pronunciation /ˈləvˌbərd/

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  • 1A very small African and Madagascan parrot with mainly green plumage and typically a red or black face, noted for the affectionate behavior of mated birds.

    Genus Agapornis, family Psittacidae: several species

    ‘It was a parrot or parakeet or possibly a lovebird.’
    • ‘However, the coloration of the lovebird in no way affects the quality of the pet.’
    • ‘When a lovebird dies, its mate just gives up and fades with it.’
    • ‘One gave Maria a cage with a lovebird in it; Kurt tried to pull out its feathers.’
    • ‘The birds section had a few caged cockatiels and African lovebirds.’
  • 2lovebirdsinformal An openly affectionate couple.

    • ‘Their daughter Julie said: ‘They have lived in the same house for nearly 50 years and are still a couple of lovebirds and as happy as ever.’’
    • ‘Not long ago, while I'd stepped into the powder room, a couple of tourist lovebirds occupied my base of operations/corner booth.’
    • ‘John and Jennifer are a couple of lovebirds on their way to a weekend retreat at a cabin.’
    • ‘They were just another couple of lovebirds out for a good time.’
    • ‘When Richard, who had stepped out for a bit, re-entered with roses and a ring, Hanna exited, leaving the lovebirds a happy twosome…’
    • ‘The pair of lovebirds could barely keep the smiles from their faces as they ran through the standard list of post-race questions.’
    • ‘For lovebirds who want to enhance their passion or couples who want to create a romantic memory, the new restaurant is the ideal spot for a true dining experience.’
    • ‘So, instead of simply getting down on one knee, he hired a double-decker bus to take the lovebirds on a tour around all the places in the area that mean so much to them.’
    • ‘The two lovebirds laughed, with Kayla giving me a ‘he's mine’ look.’
    • ‘'Hello my lovebirds,’ said Tony pleasantly, grinning down at us.’
    • ‘I'll just be over here, leaving you two lovebirds alone.’
    • ‘I hate to barge in on you two lovebirds, but we are working on a case.’
    • ‘Thanks for the offer, but I wouldn't want to come between you two lovebirds.’
    • ‘I'll see you two lovebirds later,’ Adam waved and started walking away.’
    • ‘What are you two young lovebirds talking about?’
    • ‘We'll go somewhere so we don't disturb the lovebirds.’
    • ‘Alright Dillon, let's leave these two lovebirds alone.’
    • ‘What do you two little lovebirds have to say for yourselves?’
    • ‘Did you two lovebirds have a fight before you left?’
    • ‘‘That's okay, you two lovebirds,’ Jason said mockingly.’