Definition of low-priced in English:



(also low-price)
  • 1Not costing a great deal; inexpensive.

    ‘low-priced goods’
    • ‘Among the highlights of the fair will be the new low-price PCs to be introduced.’
    • ‘There are plenty of low-price scanners that will do the trick.’
    • ‘Apart from the low-price previews, there's a special two for one offer on Monday nights.’
    • ‘The company, which employed 300 staff, ran into financial trouble following tough competition from larger national retailers and supermarkets selling low-price clothing.’
    • ‘Seeking a relatively low-price, low-key New Year's Eve celebration with the possibility of dancing, three of us traipsed down Fremont Avenue to a hip-hop show at Suite G.’
    • ‘By 1939, it had 30 British bakeries and introduced low-price tea biscuits, previously a luxury only afforded by the middle classes.’
    • ‘The pressure to cut costs - and the appeal of low-price software - has pushed other Seattle-area companies to India.’
    • ‘Disposable fashion has been a much-used term in recent years, describing the low-price products that are quickly churned out to mimic what's on the catwalk.’
    • ‘A weaker dollar would give hard-pressed U.S. manufacturers some relief from low-priced imports.’
    • ‘Producers of multi-purpose, low-priced grapes are most likely to be pushed out of the wine market.’
    • ‘By that time, the availability of low-priced pianos had prompted thousands of Americans to install pianos in their parlours.’
    • ‘India can offer relatively low-priced high quality platinum jewellery.’
    • ‘Organic markets weren't moving much quantity and she had to compete with low-priced vegetables from California or flooded markets.’
    • ‘There's a real shortage of low-priced housing in Mexico: a deficit of some 5 million dwellings, with demand growing by 700,000 units a year.’
    • ‘Some people think a house is a bargain because it's low-priced, but they neglect to look next door.’
    • ‘Are low-priced, impulse products all that should surround a checkout?’
    • ‘Students, and of course their parents, who are on the look out for a low-priced notebook to meet school needs, should definitely consider buying a refurbished notebook computer.’
    • ‘He loaded the stores up with hard-to-find gourmet items and low-priced wines.’
    cheap, low-priced, low-price, low-cost, economical, economic, competitive, affordable, reasonable, reasonably priced, moderately priced, keenly priced, budget, economy, cheap and cheerful, bargain, cut-rate, cut-price, half-price, sale-price, sale, reduced, on special offer, marked down, discounted, discount, rock-bottom, giveaway
    1. 1.1Offering inexpensive goods or services.
      ‘a low-priced supermarket’
      • ‘the competition of low-price airlines’
      • ‘Ford lost the sales lead in the lucrative low-price field in the late 1920s to Chevrolet.’
      • ‘Both low-price carriers attribute a substantial portion of the increase in traffic to people who have previously not considered air travel.’
      • ‘At that point, the traveller may be unaware of the low-price rival service.’
      • ‘A hair salon might drop the price of a haircut by $5 to compete with a new low-price salon down the block.’
      • ‘The low-price retailer Dollar General, one of the fastest-growing chains in the country, opened 700 stores last year.’
      • ‘The chain particularly doesn't want customers to drive the extra mile to Wal-Mart and its low-price prescription counter.’
      • ‘Wal-Mart clearly lived up to its reputation as a low-price competitor.’
      • ‘There was no way to compete with low-priced foreign competitors.’
      • ‘Some analysts fear that customers fleeing Abercrombie for low-priced rivals won't be back.’
      • ‘Like many low-priced casual chains, Cheesecake doesn't accept reservations, so on weekends the wait for a table routinely exceeds two hours.’
      cheap, inexpensive, economy, economic, economical, low-cost, low-price, low-budget, reasonable, reasonably priced, cut-price, cut-rate, discount, discounted, bargain, bargain-basement



/ˌlōˈprīst/ /ˌloʊˈpraɪst/