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  • (of cigarettes or tobacco) producing less tar than is standard or usual when smoked.

    ‘a low-tar brand of cigarette’
    • ‘The international producers of low-tar brands had pushed for this reform, which was also in line with European harmonization efforts.’
    • ‘Vested interests in the tobacco companies promoted ideas to reduce the harmful effects by the introduction of filters and creation of low tar cigarettes.’
    • ‘I only smoke low tar cigarettes now.’
    • ‘These figures were used by some companies to heavily promote a low tar box brand that was very similar to the high tar soft pack of the same name.’
    • ‘US studies have suggested that the shift of long-standing smokers to low tar filter cigarettes results in the smoker inhaling more deeply and retaining smoke longer.’
    • ‘The plaintiffs further state that the defendants have manipulated the nicotine in their low tar cigarettes, raising the nicotine dose to the smoker and ensuring addiction.’
    • ‘Market research showed that low tar brands were perceived as the healthiest option: "When asked why the brands they named were better for your health, answers overwhelmingly were concerned with lower tar content."’
    • ‘An industry-affiliated academic promoting "low-tar herbal" cigarettes was elected to the prestigious Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2011.’
    • ‘He told me he'd made sure that every pack was gold, even the low-tar ones, which had previously been silver.’
    • ‘A federal court has ruled that the defendant tobacco companies deliberately deceived the American public by falsely selling and advertising low tar and light cigarettes as less harmful than regular cigarettes.’
    • ‘These gave smokers the false impression that a lower tar choice is somehow less harmful, whereas in reality smokers simply compensate in the way they smoke.’



/ˌlōˈtär/ /ˌloʊˈtɑr/