Definition of low beam in English:

low beam


  • 1North American A setting of a vehicle's headlights providing short-range illumination, used on lit roads and when visible to oncoming traffic.

    • ‘S2000's arrow-like nose took on a new appearance thanks to the adoption of a triple beam headlamp assembly which includes high intensity discharge low beam headlights.’
    • ‘The bulbs are installed for both the low-beam and the high-beam - formerly Xenon headlights were used only in low beams.’
    • ‘Fog lights gives off a wide, low beam light that won't bounce back through precipitation, unlike headlights that would.’
    • ‘Switch lights from high to low beams when an oncoming vehicle is about 500 feet away; also, when behind another vehicle use low beams within 300 feet of that car's rear.’
    • ‘If you encounter fog while driving, reduce speed and ensure your low beams are on.’
    • ‘On the other hand, low beams, which are also called as dipped beams, have stricter control of upward light.’
    • ‘High and low beam Xenon headlamps are standard on the SL and optional on the SE.’
    • ‘Reflected light from air-suspended particulates or precipitation can blind you, so use your low beams or properly installed fog lamps.’
    • ‘When you overtake another car at night why should you use your low beams?’
    1. 1.1low beamsThe headlights of a vehicle when set on low beam.