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  • 1(of a property) costing relatively little to rent.

    ‘a low-rent apartment’
    • ‘Although the new development will not include low-rent units, he said that it will be affordable compared to buying a house, since a down payment is not needed.’
    • ‘The resettlement agencies often help refugees find apartments near each other, sometimes so they can live close to the agency, other times because many low-rent apartments are available.’
    • ‘The Housing Authority, the city's biggest landlord, provides low-rent housing subsidized by the federal government to poor and moderate-income families.’
    • ‘When our landlord sold our low-rent apartment building and I couldn't find an alternative that fit our combined incomes, I decided to return to trucking.’
    • ‘In conformity with the provisions of the Act, the Government has made large sums of money available for the purpose of clearing slums and erecting low-rent dwellings.’
    • ‘It also provides for a special vacancy allowance for low-rent apartments, ensuring that these apartments get more than a 20 percent hike upon vacancy.’
    • ‘Non-profit, low-rent public housing programs now appear to be reasonably certain of development - housing projects developed by public authorities, on publicly owned land, with the aid of public funds.’
    • ‘He made the same proviso, and said there was a definite need for low-rent properties.’
    • ‘Within sight of us today, there stands a tribute to useful work under Government supervision - the first slum clearance and low-rent housing project.’
    • ‘New York lost more than half of its low-rent apartments, or 500,000 units, in the 1990s.’
    • ‘It continues to use the citadel for band practices and Saturday night variety shows, and maintains some 20 low-rent flats there.’
    • ‘But with 29 low-rent housing units above them, they would need to evict individuals already in precarious financial situations in order to expand.’
    • ‘As their existing low-rent accommodation closes the only alternative is the street.’
    • ‘Thomas and his accomplices empty the bags, which end of being full of rats, in the hallway of a low-rent apartment building.’
    • ‘The changes began slowly, when art galleries priced out of SoHo eyed the lofty, low-rent spaces further west.’
    • ‘The council now wants local estate owners to make more land available to local people who want to build new homes or provide more low-rent accommodation.’
    • ‘A trial low-rent apartment programme has been expanded to eight districts to improve the living conditions of poor local families.’
    • ‘Instead of cosy, low-rent substitute houses in old neighbourhoods, there were high-rise apartment buildings.’
    • ‘Renters who are allowed to sublease their low-rent apartments can profit from the high cost of housing in the San Francisco area.’
    • ‘Fleeing his broken relationship, Mitch moves into a low-rent house on the outskirts of nearby Harrison University.’
    1. 1.1 informal Having little prestige; inferior or shoddy.
      • ‘low-rent reality shows’
      • ‘Some have sought it not in the low-rent end of the film industry but in art, where at least the production values will be high.’
      • ‘And yet this low-rent logic remains, in the public mind, largely unassailable, because nobody - certainly not with any concerted attention - has assailed it.’
      • ‘As such, the seriousness of the conflicted family situation is completely undermined by one-dimensional walking gags that wouldn't qualify for low-rent sitcom duty.’
      • ‘Quite frankly, I would have loved to see a self-consciously low-rent c-movie.’
      • ‘You feel like a low-rent stockbroker, playing the angles and leveraging against the back end.’
      • ‘And what will replace low-rent reality shows as the dominant force on television?’
      • ‘And why would low-rent criminals allegedly turn to full-force terrorism?’
      • ‘She says I should stop wasting my time entertaining low-rent celebs and should stick to reading improving books.’
      • ‘But what else could I expect from a bunch of low-rent, no-account hoodlums like you?’
      • ‘However for the last forty-odd years they have inexplicably kept on singing semi-amusing songs in low-rent nightclubs and entertaining old ladies at the seaside.’
      • ‘Ship designs lack much in the way of detail and the various effects used for phaser fire, explosions, and the like all look extremely low-rent.’
      • ‘The story, such as it is, is low-rent - not one plot point comes off as original or very interesting.’
      • ‘It borrows heavily and outrageously from other media, but not in a low-rent or vulgar way.’
      • ‘So it's hardly surprising to discover that its fans are given to frequent outbursts of low-rent theorizing.’
      • ‘A friend of mine once announced defiantly that she actually doesn't like theatre because to her it's just low-rent cinema.’
      • ‘Neither he nor his father can be impressed by the fact that the paper's front page has latterly become a low-rent gazette chronicling the marital travails of minor celebrities.’
      • ‘But actually it has been a gradual evolution: the tacky, low-rent qualities are still there, just employed to greater purpose.’
      • ‘Away from this festival, beer is drunk but considered low-rent; whisky is the chic option.’
      • ‘Speaking of music, it's remarkably atmospheric and stylish for such a low-rent thriller.’
      • ‘Just leave me alone, and keep your low-rent, cut-price gifts to yourself in future.’