Definition of lubber in English:



  • 1 archaic, dialect A big, clumsy person.

    lout, boor, barbarian, Neanderthal, churl, clown, gawk, hulk, bumpkin, yokel
  • 2

    short for landlubber

    ‘Lit'rally speaking, I am the ship you lubbers are standin’ on now.’
    • ‘But it looks like I won't be terribly useful to you lubbers outside o’ bein’ a transport, since I'm so bulky!’
    • ‘Did ye know that I could hear ye lubbers all the way from the surface?’
    • ‘‘Stop being such a lubber about it,’ Tobias sighed but said nothing as Kennedy and the gunner, Gallagher entered the room.’
    • ‘‘Maybe we can use the lubber to persuade Thor to help us,’ mused the gold ship.’
    • ‘I (a lubber, admittedly) was impressed by the research they seemed to have done into naval maneuvering and combat.’





Late Middle English perhaps via Old French lobeor ‘swindler, parasite’ from lober ‘deceive’.