Definition of lubricant in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlo͞obrəkənt/ /ˈlubrəkənt/

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  • A substance, such as oil or grease, used for minimizing friction, especially in an engine or component.

    ‘squirt in a lubricant on a regular basis’
    • ‘the pipe ends had been smeared with lubricant’
    • ‘At times, these vehicles are found injecting tonnes of black exhausts due to run down engines and poor quality lubricants.’
    • ‘The opposite trend affected animal fat and vegetable oil exports, the export of mineral fuels and lubricants and of chemical products.’
    • ‘Specialities in this case are principally greases, metal working lubricants and solid lubricant films.’
    • ‘It now produces only lubricants, including motor oil, transmission fluid, industrial grease, wax etc.’
    • ‘It has that oily lubricant smell I associate with my dad, which is apt since he dealt in oil, and lubricants.’
    • ‘But he should really wear more clothing if he's in contact with oils and lubricants.’
    • ‘The lubricants are biodegradable and less toxic than traditional lubricants made from petroleum.’
    • ‘New fluids derived from vegetable oils have potential as base oils for making lubricants.’
    • ‘Castor oil is used for making premium lubricants for heavy equipment and for jet engines.’
    • ‘Fabric zippers come in contact with or are made with oils, lubricants, detergents, dyes, and other common chemicals.’
    • ‘Oil extracted from the seed was used in Canada during World War II as a substitute for scarce petroleum lubricants.’
    • ‘This waterproof coating will not wash off, thicken in cold conditions or attract dirt like oil lubricants do.’
    • ‘Alkaline cleaning is used to remove oils, inhibitors, lubricants and dirt prior to coating.’
    • ‘Three of four drops per bearing should be ample if you're using an oil-based lubricant.’
    • ‘Another bio-diesel benefit is the oil acts as an engine lubricant, extending the engine's life.’
    • ‘The first project is to develop coconut oil as base for industrial lubricant.’
    • ‘Industrial lubricants can be subdivided into industrial oils and industrial specialities.’
    • ‘Dry the parts well and spray them with silicone lubricant before reinstalling them.’
    • ‘The trend in automotive mechanical and electromechanical components is a move toward synthetic lubricants.’
    • ‘Ask whether applying lubricant before or after the tension assembly is recommended for your model.’
    grease, oil, lubricator, lubrication, emollient, lotion, unguent
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  • Lubricating.

    ‘a thin lubricant film’
    • ‘The coating is not affected by lubricant films and can be applied as a tailor-made shim, foil gasket or as a direct coating.’
    • ‘Specialities in this case are principally greases, metal working lubricants and solid lubricant films.’
    • ‘A thorough understanding of the role of each lens care product like the cleaning solution, lubricant drops will keep lens clean and eyes healthy and comfortable.’
    • ‘Orthopaedic surgeons now use non-steroidal knee lubricant injections to save your knee from surgery.’
    • ‘This behavior is interpreted in terms of a loss of protein internal water, so-called lubricant water, induced by the co-solvent.’
    • ‘An ultrasonic cleaning feature and lubricant rinse may be added.’
    • ‘Treatment may include aggressive management with antibiotic, steroid, and lubricant drops.’
    • ‘One suggestion is to use lubricant drops, which you can buy from any chemist shop.’
    • ‘These agents reduce oxygen attack on the lubricant base oil to lessen oil thickening and the buildup of corrosive acids.’


Early 19th century from Latin lubricant- ‘making slippery’, from the verb lubricare (see lubricate).