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(also lubricous)
  • 1Offensively displaying or intended to arouse sexual desire.

    ‘he probed the ladies for every lubricious detail of their interactions’
    • ‘What people most long for in ogling the screen is to witness some torrid lascivious scene: the incentives to gaze are supremely lubricious.’
    • ‘Pause for a few minutes of lubricous sound effects followed by a sigh…’
    • ‘Desire is first to breach the hermitage, and its embodiment is Mary who, as Anthony kneels before an icon of Christ's Virgin Mother, suddenly seems a tart striking lubricious poses.’
    • ‘‘I love an annual report,’ McKinnon told me in almost lubricious tones.’
    • ‘Given enough processing oomph, as we computer experts call it, you can build a machine that will shuffle icons around a screen and download any number of lubricious images from the internet.’
    • ‘Our lubricious scribe went on to interview some of her fellow deprived Manhattanites.’
    • ‘It's lubricious and outlandish but somehow authentic.’
    • ‘He uses his cavernous voice to great effect as a lubricious Henry VIII and a nearly gaga George III.’
    • ‘It contains a nugget of truth and humanity that seems to be lacking in her world of dizzy friends and lubricous acquaintances.’
    • ‘For its consumers, it offered lubricious education in the art of love-making and a souvenir of, or advertisement for, the pleasures available in the prostitution quarters.’
    • ‘Overindulging in fun and frolic, in the company of silver-bodied damsels with musky tresses, he spent much of his time in lubricious activity.’
    • ‘The final straw is when, in a scene that makes even the most innocuous Hindi movie seem lubricious to the extreme, they finally make out.’
    • ‘The image of the satyr turns him into a buffoon, a lubricious figure, a familiar character in satyric dramas.’
    pornographic, indecent, salacious, smutty, lewd, rude, dirty, filthy, vulgar, foul, coarse, crude, gross, vile, nasty, disgusting, offensive, shameless, immoral, improper, immodest, impure, indecorous, indelicate, unwholesome, scabrous, off colour, lubricious, risqué, ribald, bawdy, suggestive, titillating, racy, erotic, carnal, sensual, sexy, lascivious, lecherous, licentious, libidinous, goatish, degenerate, depraved, amoral, debauched, dissolute, prurient
  • 2Smooth and slippery with oil or a similar substance.

    ‘The viscosity of fuel decreases as the fuel temperature increases, thus decreasing the fuel's ability to lubricate the injection system and increasing users' dependence on lubricious surface films to control component wear.’
    • ‘There is now the general trend to accept other coatings, such as lubricious coatings, as a matter of course.’
    • ‘A water-based coating technology provides lubricious, low-friction surfaces that greatly reduce tissue trauma during repeated insertions of a variety of medical devices.’
    • ‘Actually a highly-modified gauss rifle, it fired tiny spheres of an osmium-uranium alloy that had a lubricious, ferro-magnetic coating.’
    • ‘Because they are lubricious, the silicones are easily inserted and removed with little discomfort and tissue trauma, and infection rates are thus decreased.’
    slippery, slithery, wet, greasy, oily, icy, glassy, smooth



/lo͞oˈbriSHəs/ /luˈbrɪʃəs/


Late 16th century from Latin lubricus ‘slippery’+ -ious.