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  • Having bad luck; unfortunate.

    ‘an osprey seized the luckless fish with its talons’
    • ‘As you leave the wreck, look out for squid hovering on the edge of your boat's pool of light, waiting for luckless fish who are also attracted by the glare.’
    • ‘In the end a battling and luckless second half by the Kildare lads was not enough to atone for their first half defensive lapses and the champions held out for a hard earned victory.’
    • ‘Stirling County will remember their last match of this season after scoring seven touchdowns in their relegation consigning job on luckless Peebles.’
    • ‘On luckless occasions my protestations that dancing might aggravate an old shrapnel wound have been overruled, and I have been dragged out onto the dance floor.’
    • ‘Just a few metres away from where most of the crashes have happened is a deep, open drain, certain to present a luckless driver with anything but a soft landing.’
    • ‘Bernie is the quintessential ironic protagonist, the luckless man.’
    • ‘He has since suffered a luckless defeat at Newcastle, meeting trouble in running and being denied a clear run until it was too late to finish any closer than fifth in a big field.’
    • ‘A freak goal 10 minutes from time consigned luckless Lancaster City to a sixth successive league defeat at Giant Axe on Saturday.’
    • ‘Poetry, being one of those luckless art forms whose practitioners remain in constant danger of outnumbering their audience, is rarely news.’
    • ‘Before that I'd been living directly opposite, in a luckless bivouac best forgotten, sharing with two couples.’
    • ‘If you get some chain letter that's threatening to leave you hairless or luckless for the rest of your life, delete it!’
    • ‘He was living in New York by that stage, opening one luckless restaurant after another and putting on weight, but still attracting young women.’
    • ‘St John's continued their good form in Men's Three with a 6-3 away win over luckless Terry's.’
    • ‘But in a new twist a witness has come forward and identified the van in which the kidnappers were driving when they nabbed the luckless straw man.’
    • ‘As the sun beat down on Sicily last summer, there was the traditional water shortage and the luckless residents of Palermo knew who to blame.’
    • ‘But few policyholders will find themselves in the perilous state shared by her luckless investors.’
    • ‘She remains, as she always has been, a pleasant, thoughtful young woman, but the luckless Schnyder found her in mean mood.’
    • ‘It's mind-boggling to think that, a mere four years before, Hendrix had been a luckless session player.’
    • ‘As the train stayed stubbornly put, she began mentally to sketch out a story about a luckless orphan who became a wizarding hero.’
    • ‘The latest injury to the luckless Henderson is a huge blow for the player.’
    unlucky, unfortunate, unsuccessful, out of luck, down on one's luck, jinxed, cursed, doomed, hapless, ill-fated, ill-starred, star-crossed
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