Definition of lucky devil (or lucky you, her, etc.) in English:

lucky devil (or lucky you, her, etc.)


  • Used to express envy at someone else's good fortune.

    ‘‘I shan't bother working tonight.’ ‘Lucky you.’’
    • ‘Several brave souls dressed up to celebrate the occasion, and lucky you, you get to meet four of them.’
    • ‘And hey, lucky you, they want to send it through your bank account and give you a commission.’
    • ‘Yes, lucky you, you who glide through the chaos of the world like the pope in his popemobile.’
    • ‘If he gets off to negative publicity, well, lucky him.’
    • ‘Just heard that Greg is going to London next April for work - lucky him.’
    • ‘Paulina loves you! You lucky devil, you!’
    • ‘So what are you waiting for, you lucky devil?’