Definition of ludology in English:



  • The study of games and gaming, especially video games.

    ‘ludology, like the games it studies, is not about story and discourse at all but about actions and events’
    • ‘The timeline begins in 4000 B.C. and goes up to 1999 - and includes a zillion swooping arrows showing how ludology developed.’
    • ‘In video game circles, the big debate these days is about whether video games are driven by narrative or by play-style - narrativology vs. ludology.’
    • ‘As story and game-play fold together, ludology can be seen as providing a set of comprehensible rules for dramatic interplay based on user choices.’
    • ‘She currently resides in Chicago as a junior in college, studying ludology.’
    • ‘For all of you interested in ludology, try to get hold of "Power Up - How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life".’
    • ‘I like how ludology can be applied to other areas of human behavior to make them more entertaining.’
    • ‘The field of ludology has become more of a focus for media theorists recently.’
    • ‘In his dissertation he focuses on the effects of videogame play, attempting to incorporate the insights provided by ludology within the frameworks used by sociological and psychological researchers.’
    • ‘I see ludology as a tool, not an ideal.’
    • ‘Ludology isn't helpful because it overemphasises just one aspect of videogames.’



/lo͞oˈdäləjē/ /luˈdɑlədʒi/


1960s from Latin ludere ‘to play’ + -logy.