Definition of lug nut in English:

lug nut


  • A large rounded nut that fits over a heavy bolt, used especially to attach the wheel of a vehicle to its axle.

    • ‘Consider what happens, for example, if you leave a lug nut off a car wheel; you run the risk of the car careening off the road.’
    • ‘There is a storm coming behind us from the west and one of the lug bolts has come loose from the wheel, so that I can't get the lug nut off.’
    • ‘That means that you were the one that didn't tighten the lug nut down.’
    • ‘Today, while Kay was getting an estimate on fixing our car, the mechanic mentioned an expensive hub replacement due to faulty lug nuts and axles.’
    • ‘For this reason, experts recommend using a torque wrench to tighten lug nuts when changing a wheel.’
    • ‘Campus Security says four ‘high end’ vehicles were hoisted onto cinder blocks and had all their wheels and tires removed, leaving behind the lug nuts beside the brake drums.’
    • ‘At this time your wheel bearings should be packed and lug nuts tightened.’
    • ‘It is like a decorative disk on your wheel that covers all of the lug nuts that are mounted on your wheels to your car's axle.’
    • ‘An airman inspector noticed the starboard aft wheel was missing all but one of its lug nuts.’
    • ‘If one of the duals is flat for a long drive, the vibration can cause the wheels to loosen up the lug nuts.’
    • ‘The breaker bar made short work of the lug nuts, and he jacked the wheel back up in the air.’
    • ‘That other guy would probably settle for a couple of chrome lug nuts, but sometimes quality costs more.’
    • ‘Remove the hubcap, then loosen (but don't remove) the lug nuts by turning the tire-iron wrench counterclockwise.’
    • ‘The lug nuts need to have outside thread for the hubcaps that screw down, or the lug nuts need to be flanged or contain a washer insert for the hubcaps that bolt on behind the lugs.’
    • ‘More than protecting the lug nuts from exposure to the elements, Toyota hubcaps were guaranteed to give your vehicle a boost to its overall style.’
    • ‘He goes over in his head what the problem could be - it could be loose lug nuts; it could be a spacer problem.’
    • ‘Had it not been for a few loose lug nuts in the fall at Texas, he might have been the 2005 champion.’
    • ‘Crew members tighten lug nuts they should have gotten during the previous pit stop.’
    • ‘The trailer is getting its lug nuts checked out and fixed.’
    • ‘I've had lots of problems over the years with stuck, stripped lug nuts, which ruin the lugs.’