Definition of lumbering in English:



  • Moving in a slow, heavy, awkward way.

    ‘Bob was a big, lumbering, gentle sort’
    ‘a lumbering bureaucracy’
    • ‘Through a broken window a few feet away I watched the zombies lumbering outdoors.’
    • ‘Behind me a more seriously drunk man was lumbering towards me.’
    • ‘Most of the smaller characters are slaves to the plot, merely present to keep the story lumbering forward.’
    • ‘In the world of international cinema, there are still a few giants lumbering around.’
    • ‘The mighty dirigibles in the paintings are lumbering by comparison.’
    • ‘Through their viewing windows, you can see pregnant sows lumbering around a barren concrete pen.’
    • ‘A dark silhouette of a large man was lumbering across the deck toward them.’
    • ‘The big birds have slow wing beats that make them appear to be lumbering along.’
    • ‘At one point, the pharmacist came lumbering out to instruct an anxious customer in the use of a non-prescription nutritional supplement.’
    • ‘Like any other titanic, lumbering, inefficient machine, Hollywood studios dangerously pollute the atmosphere.’
    • ‘I see people with laptops, cellular phones and PDAs lumbering about like beasts of burden, talking aloud in public like village idiots.’
    • ‘But the humpback gives the lie to the notion that things of great bulk move only by lumbering.’
    • ‘The Democratic Party had to shed everything that was slow-moving and lumbering in its ideological presentation.’
    • ‘I had a great time and managed to break only one thing lumbering around their house in my giant costume.’
    • ‘He's big and lumbering and doesn't run that well after the catch, but he doesn't drop many passes.’
    • ‘You go down to the beach in a group after dark and wait patiently until the turtles turn up - big, lumbering, shelled shapes, dragging themselves over the sand.’
    • ‘As the sun was setting we returned to our hotel slowly through the streets half-ruined by the Turkish shells; and still the Russian provision carts were lumbering through the town.’
    • ‘If you look at this tiny, eight-legged creature under a magnifying lens, you can see it lumbering along like a bear.’
    • ‘In early illustrations, dinosaurs were often portrayed as lumbering, upright, tail-dragging behemoths.’
    • ‘When the mother is finished laying, she covers the nest, scattering sand in every direction to disguise its presence, before turning and lumbering back to sea.’