Definition of luminosity in English:



mass noun
  • 1Luminous quality.

    ‘acrylic colours retain freshness and luminosity’
    • ‘So placed, the light sculpture's flickering luminosity seems to both recall an earlier contemplation and act as new illumination to a newer generation.’
    • ‘With the trappings of representation obliterated, the paintings offer a lean and stripped down physicality defined by specific proportion, luminosity and surface quality.’
    • ‘It hurtled through a void, an immense cathedral of black pitch, specked with faint pinpoints of light whose pale luminosity underscored the darkness that shrouded them.’
    • ‘The Gift had resurfaced to full radiance, and its silver luminosity shone from his every pore.’
    • ‘Although many of Monet's letters from this period are full of self-pity and pleas for financial assistance, his paintings, by contrast, are bursting with sunshine, colour and luminosity.’
    • ‘His vibrant paintings, prints and cut-outs, celebrated for their exceptional richness and luminosity of colour, are found in art collections internationally.’
    • ‘Original pearls, unlike the artificial ones, never lose their charm, luminosity and texture even when burnt and they come with a lifetime guarantee.’
    • ‘As in several other works, he left small patches of the background unpainted to let the whiteness and luminosity of the ivory shine through.’
    • ‘The director's visual style, one that incorporates a great deal of light and luminosity, tends to fade the picture.’
    • ‘Gathering all my courage, I pulled my head up to see nothing but a vast silhouette blended with the dark, and those two eyes that shined dimly in the reflected luminosity of my headlights stared back.’
    • ‘Her favourite medium is water colour, chosen for its luminosity and clarity.’
    • ‘Bright high beams glare suddenly with red brake lights, a symphony of luminosity.’
    • ‘This subdued range of luminosity makes it hard to accurately judge picture quality.’
    • ‘Those who did understand Matisse's work compared its luminosity to the glowing of a Byzantine enamel, entering a fairytale.’
    • ‘These typically contain microscopic light reflectors, which impart subtle luminosity.’
    • ‘Working on canvas mounted to wood or featherboard, he achieved his characteristic luminosity by layering a limited range of light colors with no earth tones.’
    • ‘On returning to England he adopted a lighter palette and a white ground for greater luminosity.’
    • ‘The dull luminosity of the laptop's screen was the only light apart from the red pin prick of the modem.’
    • ‘Snow, at a modest 30 by 32 inches, stood out in this exhibition for the luminosity of its light palette and relatively open structure.’
    • ‘There was a general feeling of relief when we saw the sky lit up with a red luminosity and we knew it was the lights of our city ahead.’
    light, shining, brightness, brilliance, luminosity, radiation, beams, rays, illumination, blaze, glow, luminousness, gleam, lustre, glitter, sparkle, flash, dazzle, shimmer, glare
    1. 1.1Astronomy The intrinsic brightness of a celestial object (as distinct from its apparent brightness diminished by distance)
      ‘Altair has ten times the luminosity of the sun’
      count noun ‘the luminosities of galaxies’
      • ‘Stars, however, come in a staggering range of luminosities, spanning ten orders of magnitude ten powers of ten.’
      • ‘Stars of lower mass and luminosity, however, glow dimly with red light for billions of years: the redder the star is, the older it is.’
      • ‘Its luminosity will eventually become about a thousand times higher than today, and its vastly expanded diameter will reach the earth.’
      • ‘The cloud of debris that will shoot up from the comet on impact is expected to dramatically increase the comet's luminosity, making it visible to smaller telescopes operated by amateurs, and possibly even to the naked eye.’
      • ‘These are young, massive, bright stars (about 1000 times more luminous than our Sun) that undergo periodic changes in luminosity.’
      brightness, vividness, intensity
    2. 1.2Physics The rate of emission of radiation, visible or otherwise.
      • ‘The peak photon energy occurs at 10 keV and the total X-ray luminosity is 1045 ergs/sec.’
      • ‘Because of small body movements or maybe sudden changes in luminosity, some of the recorded emission spectra showed artifacts.’
      • ‘The first 15 photophase hours were at a 1000 lux luminosity and the last hour (simulating dusk) was at 25 lux luminosity.’
      • ‘They combined data from the XMM-Newton telescope with data from past X-ray telescope observations to measure the X-ray luminosity of the ULX.’