Definition of lunchmeat in English:


(also luncheon meat)

Pronunciation /ˈlən(t)SHmēt/ /ˈlən(t)ʃmit/


  • Meat sold in slices for sandwiches; cold cuts.

    ‘I got out bread, mayonnaise, lettuce, cheese, and lunchmeat, and made myself a sandwich.’
    • ‘Numerous types of food products have been implicated in listeriosis infections, but of particular concern are ready to eat products such as lunchmeats, hotdogs, ham/chicken salad, sausages, and roast beef.’
    • ‘Listeria monocytogenes, a cold-loving bacteria found in ready-to-eat lunchmeats and hot dogs, causes about 2,500 illnesses a year, and most of those people are so ill they are hospitalized.’
    • ‘Of particular concern are ready to eat products such as lunchmeats, frankfurters, chicken or ham salad, sausages, sliced turkey, and sliced roast beef where L. monocytogenes has been recovered.’
    • ‘I was determined to start making my lunch, so I went shopping after work and bought bread and lunchmeats.’
    • ‘With an artist touch and a t-square I arranged lunchmeat at perfect right angles with the corners of my bread while gracefully spreading just the right amount of condiments atop this work of art.’
    • ‘We kinda milled around for a few minutes, went through the fridge for water or soda, picked warm lunchmeat and cheese off the deli trays sprawled across the desks, and went back outside.’
    • ‘As I listened to her tapping her foot on the linoleum, I pulled out the mayonnaise, mustard and lunchmeat - then closed the refrigerator door.’
    • ‘Most grocery stores have deli sections, and that's where I grab either low-fat lunchmeat or rotisserie chicken.’
    • ‘Food processors responded to these concerns, rolling out fat-free and low-fat cheeses, yogurts, lunchmeat and cookies.’
    • ‘They were like wax flowers, or lunchmeat under plastic.’
    • ‘She thrust open the fridge door and selected lunchmeat and fixings, closed it and grabbed the loaf of bread that was already getting stale.’
    • ‘We reached her mystery lunchmeat, and we squinted to see what it was.’
    • ‘Lauren dropped the lunchmeat she had just been folding to put on her bread and began looking around for him.’
    • ‘In the back of the fridge, lying on its side was a large bottle of wine with a cork in it, behind the lunchmeat.’
    • ‘My brother had similar problems that were caused by the preservatives in lunchmeat.’
    • ‘These happened to be an unopened package of bologna lunchmeat, and a bowl of grapes.’