Definition of lunkhead in English:



  • A slow-witted person.

    • ‘The fact that many of them will also be cluttered with observers and cameramen and exit pollsters will further add to the chaos, and make many of us think we were lunkheads for not going the absentee route.’
    • ‘Two lawbreaking lunkheads cruise the back roads in a car sporting a racist symbol while their scantily clad cousin objectifies herself for corrupt lawmen, and those are values?’
    • ‘What sets these Jersey lunkheads from the current wave of underground rock is vocalist Steve Miller (no, not that one) and his glorious howl.’
    • ‘The standard, sophisticated American view is that these people are rednecks and lunkheads.’
    • ‘Not brilliant; even the lunkheads behind us in the theatre seemed to be able to follow it.’
    • ‘Most rappers are big dull lunkheads who just mumble about themselves, but not DMX.’
    • ‘The leader tries to seduce Kirk while Rosie stares daggers, Billie tries to make time with the lunkhead and all of the women avoid the lecherous behaviour of the crusty father.’
    • ‘And, as I always say, if someone is going to judge you for being honest or for wanting you both to be safe, what are you doing with the lunkhead?’
    • ‘There are no idiot dads acting like bumbling lunkheads in front of their sneering, wisecracking wives and children.’
    • ‘About the only power play then left to film actors (the same lunkheads who are gleefully grinding out product now) would be to place a strike-sensitive embargo on promoting these films when they come out.’
    • ‘Somehow there is a tone in these case studies that patients/clients are lunkheads and I am the enlightened one.’
    • ‘You won't learn anything from those lunkheads.’
    • ‘But then again, what would purposeful self-sabotage prove except that his listeners are all just force-fed lunkheads?’
    • ‘I will write a quick synopsis of the film for you lunkheads.’
    • ‘This dynamic duo suffered the taunts of lunkheads until they had enough.’
    • ‘Ex-Fu Manchu lunkheads finally surpass their former band on this release.’
    • ‘By the time the credits roll, Kaylee will have had sex, Mal will have discovered his social conscience and Jayne will - well, Jayne will still be a belligerent lunkhead.’
    • ‘Either a) you heard the muscle guy incorrectly, b) he was pulling your leg, or c) he's a total lunkhead.’
    • ‘Anyway, the supposed joke is that Affleck is such a lunkhead that he has no books in his entire apartment, so he resorts to reading product labels.’
    • ‘He was going to make sure that Clem would never ever even think about calling him a lunkhead again.’



/ˈləNGkˌ(h)ed/ /ˈləŋkˌ(h)ɛd/


Mid 19th century probably from an alteration of lump+ head.