Definition of lying-in in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlīiNG ˈin/ /ˌlaɪɪŋ ˈɪn/

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  • Seclusion before and after childbirth; confinement.

    ‘Women who aspired to social prominence extended the confinement period before birth and the lying-in period afterward to testify to their affluence and physical delicacy.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, on New Year's Day in 1844, after a difficult lying-in, Julia received calls and entertained the governors of Illinois and Massachusetts on turkey and venison.’
    • ‘He urged the use of chloroform to relieve the pain of childbirth and deplored the policy of refusing to admit unmarried women to lying-in hospitals.’
    • ‘They were in for ten or 14 days, what they called the lying-in period.’
    • ‘It was during the late 1700s that the ancient female privilege of lying-in began to be usurped by a masculine, medical authority in the West.’
    childbirth, birth, birthing, delivery, nativity