Definition of lymphoblast in English:



  • An abnormal cell resembling a large lymphocyte, produced in large numbers in a form of leukemia.

    ‘Large numbers of immature, abnormal lymphocytes called lymphoblasts are produced and released into the bloodstream.’
    • ‘Four of these 7 cases, which showed more than 25% lymphoblasts in the bone marrow or at least 10% lymphoblasts in the peripheral blood, were classified as leukemias.’
    • ‘This is particularly true in cases of blastic myeloid sarcoma, because myeloblasts and lymphoblasts can be difficult to distinguish in routinely stained histologic sections.’
    • ‘Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is overproduction of immature lymphocytes, called lymphoblasts.’
    • ‘The cells were described as having scant, indistinct cytoplasm with finely dispersed chromatin, reminiscent of lymphoblasts.’



/ˈlimfəˌblast/ /ˈlɪmfəˌblæst/