Definition of lymphoid in English:



Anatomy Medicine
  • Relating to or denoting the tissue responsible for producing lymphocytes and antibodies. This tissue occurs in the lymph nodes, thymus, tonsils, and spleen, and dispersed elsewhere in the body.

    ‘Important in the management of hepatitis are those of the liver, thymus, spleen and other lymphoid tissues.’
    • ‘Unfortunately there was not enough to make lymphoid tissue such as tonsils useful for diagnosis.’
    • ‘There are also clumps of lymphoid tissue throughout the body, primarily in the form of lymph nodes, that house the leukocytes.’
    • ‘Primary viremia causes dissemination of the virus in lymphoid tissues throughout the body.’
    • ‘Diseases may affect the lymph nodes, the spleen, or the collections of lymphoid tissue that occur in certain areas of the body.’



/ˈlimˌfoid/ /ˈlɪmˌfɔɪd/