Definition of lysozyme in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • An enzyme which catalyses the destruction of the cell walls of certain bacteria, and occurs notably in tears and egg white.

    • ‘Intriguingly, enzymes such as lipase, lysozyme, and subtilisin retained their activities in organic solvents.’
    • ‘Several detailed studies were carried out with the proteins lysozyme and ferritin.’
    • ‘The results were also verified by examining the spectra of two purified proteins, albumin and lysozyme.’
    • ‘The enzyme, hen egg lysozyme, has not been shown to form fibrils in vivo, and only mutants have been associated with amyloid-related diseases.’
    • ‘He succeeded in purifying lysozyme, a bacteria-destroying enzyme found in tears and saliva, and characterized the substances acted upon by the enzyme.’


Early 20th century from lysis + a shortened form of enzyme.