Definition of M-Cat in English:



mass nouninformal
  • a street name for the drug mephedrone

    ‘he was found to be at the head of the drugs rings supplying M-Cat and cannabis’
    a street name for the drug mephedrone
    • ‘The teenager has admitted the stabbing, saying at the time he had been taking M-Cat, a former legal high.’
    • ‘She said she and Barber had known each other since school but had become friends through using M-cat.’
    • ‘He was convicted by the jury of conspiracy to import and conspiracy to supply synthetic drugs such as M-cat.’
    • ‘His home was searched and three small re-sealable plastic bags containing M-Cat, cash and mobile phones were recovered.’
    • ‘A professional footballer kicked a taxi driver in the head and set fire to his cab after taking party drug mephedrone or M-Cat.’
    • ‘He never would have done this if he wasn't on M-Cat.’
    • ‘Gloucester Royal Hospital treated 10 'intentional' and less than five unintentional overdoses of ecstasy and M-Cat between November 1 2013 and November 1 2014.’
    • ‘A grandfather has told a jury of his wife's last words to their grandson before he attacked her while high on M-Cat - formerly a 'legal high'.’
    • ‘He admits possessing the Class B drug M-Cat with intent to supply and a further two charges of conspiring to supply M-Cat.’
    • ‘Whereas cocaine is used by everyone, I would say ketamine and M-Cat are primarily used by people in the 15 to 23 age bracket.’


Early 21st century from 4-methylmethcathinone (alternative chemical name for mephedrone).