Definition of m-commerce in English:


(also m-business)


mass nountrademark in UK
  • Commercial transactions conducted electronically by mobile phone.

    • ‘We have been scathing in the past about mobile apps and so-called m-commerce and we still apply the litmus test ‘what can you do on a tiny green screen that is useful?’’
    • ‘As the Japanese have shown, mobile ecommerce (or m-commerce as the current buzzword goes) has a place in a market where PDAs and mobile phones converge.’
    • ‘The birth of the wireless Internet has spawned mobile commerce, or m-commerce.’
    • ‘Commerce on the mobile internet - m-commerce - is still in its infancy and if it is to gain momentum, consumers need to have confidence in the system's security.’
    • ‘The Commission envisages the expansion of m-commerce to the point where mobile users will be able to shop and pay on-line and receive a whole range of audio-visual services such as music and video.’
    • ‘You have heard of e-commerce, you have heard of m-commerce - that is e-commerce with mobile phones - now meet ‘s-commerce’.’
    • ‘Another benefit touted for developing countries is the potential of so-called m-commerce or the ability to buy goods and services using a mobile phone.’
    • ‘Except, due to the fact that m-commerce is still about as popular as English soccer fans abroad, the guinea-pigs will not be able to order anything via their WAP phones.’
    • ‘I-Mode has dominated the Japanese market and is being considered a success story in the world of m-commerce.’
    • ‘A significant challenge for companies engaged in m-commerce is to provide a secure environment.’
    • ‘We can't imagine why people would think m-commerce a fad.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, location-based services are eventually likely to drive m-commerce.’
    • ‘And now with the proliferation of everything mobile, retailers are shifting focus from e-commerce to m-commerce.’
    • ‘The main mode of conducting wired e-commerce is through a wired connection to a LAN while for m-commerce it is through a wireless network.’
    • ‘Gone are the days of ‘panic buying’ by tech sector employers desperate to capture the brainpower needed to produce yet another web-enabled product for e-business or m-commerce.’
    • ‘These concerns are expected to have an increased impact on m-commerce given the complexity and additional risks inherent in wireless transactions.’
    • ‘However, there are several areas of concern associated with m-commerce that need to be addressed for it to realize its full potential, in Canada or elsewhere.’
    • ‘The promise of m-commerce could be a reality in the U.S. by 2004.’
    • ‘As m-commerce evolves, it is critical to remember that wireless privacy protection is the responsibility of all the parties involved in this market.’
    • ‘However, Gray said there was a long way to go for m-commerce.’


1990s from m(obile) + commerce.