Definition of macadamize in English:


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transitive verb

(also British macadamise)
[with object]
  • Make or cover with macadam.

    as adjective macadamized ‘macadamized roads’
    • ‘From this time forward every year added a few miles to the macadamized roads of the county.’
    • ‘Gap Creek pike, which leaves the Sevierville pike about six miles from Knoxville, is macadamized seven miles.’
    • ‘Many have macadamized roads through them, and, indeed, are not gaps, but small valleys through the main chain.’
    • ‘Tarmac was originally marketed as tar-macadam, because it was a macadamized road incorporating a binder of tar.’
    • ‘On macadamized roads, stage coaches and freight wagons could travel unimpeded by bogs or ruts.’
    • ‘In 1916, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee built macadamized roads connecting with the Government Pike, and the Pike was added to the ‘Dixie Highway’ system.’
    • ‘During the winter of 1837-38 its condition was so intolerable that the State granted a sum of $40,000 to be expended in filling the holes and macadamizing the road.’
    • ‘Tarmacadam is created by spraying tar along a macadamized road to bind it together further and pressing the surface with a roller to drive the tar deep into the macadam.’
    • ‘For decades, the term to macadamize meant to pave a road.’
    • ‘Following the route of the current day Country Road 42, this was a macadamized road for the use of which the grumbling traveller had to pay a toll during much of its early history.’
    • ‘By 1862, some parts of St. Charles Road were macadamized and three years later it had been built of rock for its length, leading to the ‘Rock Road’ title it still bears.’
    • ‘In 1890, Broadway between Union and Brown Streets was widened and macadamized, and two houses belonging to James Ingalls were moved out of the road.’
    • ‘If such resolution declares only an intention to macadamize, the contract should not be let for both macadamizing and curbing the sidewalk.’
    • ‘More delightful roads could not be desired; smooth, level, macadamized, devoid of stones and requiring little effort on the pedals.’
    • ‘Beginning in October 1893, Midland Township was exercised by a proposal to complete the work of macadamizing its remaining twenty-two miles of dirt roads by bonding for $75,000.’



/məˈkadəˌmīz/ /məˈkædəˌmaɪz/