Definition of Machiavel in English:



  • A person compared to Machiavelli for favoring expediency over morality.

    ‘The picture could be a physiognomical paradigm of a conspirator, a machinator, a schemer, a Machiavel.’
    • ‘He notes that Carew, though a murderous Machiavel, never betrayed his sworn allegiance as the rebel chieftains did.’
    • ‘Shakespeare, in one of his works, mentions ‘the murderous Machiavel.’’
    • ‘The murderous Machiavel, as Shakespeare called him, has never ceased to be an object of hatred to moralists of all persuasions, conservatives and revolutionaries alike.’
    • ‘But in the final scenes the icily regal Turner turns into a Tudor Machiavel as she seeks to distance herself from the death warrant she has signed: this is acting on the grand scale.’



/ˌmäkēəˈvel/ /ˌmɑkiəˈvɛl/