Definition of machinability in English:



See machinable

‘Total cost of making a casting is affected by required heat treatment and by weldability and machinability, in addition to ingot and melting costs.’
  • ‘These elements are added to enhance such mechanical properties as machinability, strength, and hardness.’
  • ‘These minor alloying agents, while improving machinability, significantly affect the weldability of copper alloys by rendering the alloys hot-crack susceptible.’
  • ‘Lead may be added to the lower-strength manganese bronzes to increase machinability, but at the expense of decreased tensile strength and elongation.’
  • ‘This treatment is known as full annealing, and is used for removing strains from forgings and castings, improving machinability and also when softening and refinement of structure are both required.’



/məˌSHēnəˈbilədē/ /məˌʃinəˈbɪlədi/