Definition of machinable in English:



  • (of a material) able to be worked by a machine tool.

    ‘machinable steel plate’
    • ‘The deposits are not machinable and are very difficult to grind.’
    • ‘Through the addition of manganese sulfide to the powder, we have a material that is machinable and still has a hardness in the Rockwell 26-27 range.’
    • ‘Joints made with the LTB process were thermally stable, resistant to common solvents, vacuum compatible, relatively stress free, machinable, and transparent to UV, visible, and IR radiation.’
    • ‘While fiberglass/epoxy laminates or machinable polyurethane boards are often used to produce high-volume thermoform molds for forming ABS sheet, there are alternatives.’
    • ‘Ketton stone, a machinable oolitic limestone, was sampled and tested by Buro Happold for creep and strength characteristics and to decide on an appropriate mortar.’
    • ‘The public are still not complying with our request for machinable mail.’
    • ‘The different types vary from grey iron which is machinable to either mottled or white iron which is not easily machinable.’
    • ‘Castings can be annealed to make them more machinable, either by sub-critical annealing or a full anneal.’
    • ‘It can be purposely combined with other metals to create readily machinable, high strength alloys.’



/məˈSHēnəbəl/ /məˈʃinəbəl/