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  • 1Machines collectively.

    ‘farm machinery’
    • ‘Demand is particularly strong for advanced machinery and electronics equipment.’
    • ‘Here we'll look at some of the pros and cons of leasing farm machinery and equipment and farm real estate to children.’
    • ‘A sale of farm machinery and equipment may cause unexpected tax consequences.’
    • ‘Kids should not sit on laps or ride on the outside of farm machinery / equipment.’
    • ‘Through global sourcing, the company draws materials, components, machinery, finance, and services from anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘Under state and federal law, all voting machinery and component parts must be certified before use in an election.’
    • ‘He added that robust foreign direct investment in China had supported good demand for machinery and component supplies.’
    • ‘Can you recommend a tactful way to point out that a superior is, let's say, not fit to operate heavy machinery or a motor vehicle?’
    • ‘To what extent does cannabis use interfere with skilled activities such as driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery?’
    • ‘Now he wants legislation strengthened to ban anyone from smoking cannabis before using boats, vehicles, aircraft or machinery.’
    • ‘A farmer, like any other trader, is entitled to a capital allowance for the cost of plant and machinery and motor vehicles used in his farming trade.’
    • ‘Just don't drive any motor vehicles or operate heavy machinery under the narcotic effect of this show.’
    • ‘The movement of heavy machinery in the vicinity of Lord Edward Street / Upper John St will be suspended at peak school times.’
    • ‘A well laid out internal network of main, cross roads and paths is essential for efficient movement of men and machinery.’
    • ‘His piece involved using nylon cord to bind abandoned vehicles, machinery and even an ox-drawn cart.’
    • ‘Surviving machinery includes a waterwheel, shaft and stones, although it hasn't worked since the 1920s.’
    • ‘I know you loved the car… it's easy to get attached to machinery that serves us well.’
    • ‘The six lanes by the river were full of construction machinery and military vehicles.’
    • ‘Their current activities now range from begging to handling heavy machinery.’
    • ‘They said that we were too stupid to handle machinery, even if we did use it.’
    equipment, apparatus, hardware, plant, mechanism, gear, tackle, instruments, tools, gadgetry, technology
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    1. 1.1The components of a machine.
      ‘the movement of the machinery’
      • ‘If Mcm 10 plays a direct role in silencing, it should interact with components of the silencing machinery.’
      • ‘Kuhn will invest eight million euro in Bulgaria over the next three years to launch the production of car components and machinery.’
      • ‘However the components and machinery for making your own can be bought freely, no questions asked, in shops and on the Internet.’
      • ‘They became importers of components and machinery for production as well as exporters.’
      • ‘The board attributed the growth to increased demand for electronic components, machinery and plastic products in China.’
      • ‘The water diverted from the mainstream ends up turning a mill wheel, setting other machinery in motion.’
      • ‘The vessel was also fitted with a reconditioned hydraulic bow thruster, powered from the deck machinery hydraulic system.’
      • ‘Swimming forward of the bridge, the wreckage resembles that of the stern decks, except that the anchor machinery and forward masts have fallen to the seabed.’
      • ‘To prevent the movement of further machinery, pickets later tied a specialised bicycle lock to the gates of the factory.’
      • ‘German factories supply machinery, vehicles and technical facilities - a constantly growing amount of exports.’
      • ‘TCE is widely used in industry as a degreaser for metal parts, especially in the manufacturing of vehicles and machinery.’
      • ‘Seven minutes down the line, the track suddenly breaks up entirely to let a secondary melody take over, before the whole machinery is put in motion again.’
      • ‘The other main items of machinery are two GEC turbines, and a single shaft with a pump jet propulsor.’
      • ‘Farmers short of labour or with off farm employment appreciate that bales are now easily handled due to improved machinery.’
      • ‘Their excellently produced vehicles and machinery obtained many prizes at country shows and field days.’
      • ‘The length of the wires and height of the slings cannot be altered by the operation of the winding machinery contained in the vehicle.’
      • ‘He was first alerted to the remains when a farmer began ploughing up pieces of fuselage and aircraft machinery.’
      • ‘Nuts and bolts were removed to keep vehicles and other machinery running.’
      • ‘To put it simply, water tends to flow downhill, but it can be pumped uphill by a motor and the right machinery.’
      • ‘The industrial and commercial machinery market utilizes small motors in many applications.’
      machinery, workings, works, movement, motion, action, gear, gears, wheels, components, motor, engine, power source
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    2. 1.2The organization or structure of something.
      ‘the machinery of democracy’
      • ‘The State administrative and political machinery needs to be proactive in infrastructure development.’
      • ‘The real challenge for the BJP is gearing up its organisational machinery.’
      • ‘The situation is grave because the political and administrative machinery colludes with private companies to mint money from mines.’
      • ‘However, the reproduction machinery of an organism is not protected from mutations.’
      • ‘The oligarch helps the politician win elections through the normal legal machinery of the mass media.’
      • ‘Panday said the UNC was the only party ever to have beaten the PNM and was a party where the democratic machinery was working.’
      • ‘These people cannot be trusted with the fundamental machinery of democracy.’
      • ‘It is not the human agency that refuses, but the social machinery from which the non-agency is expelled.’
      • ‘The crucial machinery of any political party is organisation - its capacity to rally its supporters on the big day.’
      • ‘Activation of T4 late promoters requires mobile components of the replication machinery that track along the DNA.’
      • ‘This result provides an intriguing link between a component of the translation machinery and Dpp signaling.’
      • ‘It is a key component of the insertion machinery of membrane proteins.’
      • ‘It is known that most, if not all, components of the replication machinery are coded in the nucleus.’
      • ‘Nitrogen, more so than phosphorus, is a component of the photosynthetic machinery.’
      • ‘This machinery for selection sometimes bars the most competent men from a job and does not always prevent the appointment of an utter incompetent.’
      • ‘Directing a slight nod to the morning's appointed secretary, the king set the royal machinery in motion.’
      • ‘The third is the time at which the beneficiary's bank sets into motion the internal machinery for crediting the beneficiary's account.’
      • ‘Still, his years at the helm of the state machinery and the many people he placed in key positions give him enormous influence.’
      • ‘First, it is a highly conserved component of eukaryotic mRNA decay machinery.’
      • ‘Next, the transit sequence interacts with the proteinaceous components of the chloroplast protein import machinery.’
      workings, organization, system, structure, administration, institution, agency, channel, vehicle
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/məˈSHēn(ə)rē/ /məˈʃin(ə)ri/