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plural noun

treated as singular
  • The part of economics concerned with large-scale or general economic factors, such as interest rates and national productivity.

    ‘Dr. Fontana's interests include macroeconomics, monetary economics, history of economic thought, and methodology.’
    • ‘His interests include labor economics, macroeconomics, and finance.’
    • ‘A group of three papers and three comments considers Fisherian themes in monetary economics and macroeconomics.’
    • ‘His principal teaching and research interests include monetary economics, macroeconomics, the history of economic thought, and development economics.’
    • ‘The net domestic or national product in macroeconomics is derived by deducting the value of depreciation from the estimated gross domestic or national product.’
    • ‘As with any other anniversary that has had a significant impact on the development of economics - specifically macroeconomics - this anniversary is deserving of commemoration.’
    • ‘Most of macroeconomics today is monetary economics.’
    • ‘When I was in college I took two intro economics courses: macroeconomics and microeconomics.’
    • ‘Even general theory itself was now compartmentalized into microeconomics and macroeconomics.’
    • ‘Yet every economics student knows that when you start out in pursuit of the dismal science, you are given two textbooks: one about microeconomics and one about macroeconomics.’
    • ‘So why wouldn't I rate the book as a major contribution to the advancement of scholarship on Ricardo's macroeconomics?’
    • ‘Here was a new twist on free-market macroeconomics: things are going well because the value of government assets is rising!’
    • ‘He had strong views, though possibly less so in trade theory and policy than in macroeconomics and monetary theory.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that the entrepreneur does not play much of a role in microeconomics but what about macroeconomics?’
    • ‘Part One reviews the theoretical foundations of open economy macroeconomics and outlines the basic argument of the book.’
    • ‘You end up, frankly, with no ideas about macroeconomics and economic policy, other than that it's scary.’
    • ‘In terms of macroeconomics, our economic condition, indeed, has not yet recovered.’
    • ‘He is a research affiliate in the international macroeconomics and international trade programmes of the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London.’
    • ‘To conduct macroeconomics without paying any attention to prices, other than interest rates - that is, to imagine that all wages are rigid and all prices are rigid - is going too far.’
    • ‘His research interests include the history of macroeconomics, the history of game theory, and the history of women in economics.’



/ˈmakrōˌekəˈnämiks/ /ˈmækroʊˌɛkəˈnɑmɪks/ /ˈmakrōˌēkəˈnämiks/ /ˈmækroʊˌikəˈnɑmɪks/


1940s from macro + economics.