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  • A written or printed mark (¯) used to indicate a long vowel in some languages and phonetic transcription systems, or a stressed vowel in verse.

    ‘As in the transliteration of Sanskrit, the macron over the letter indicates that the sound of the vowel is lengthened, thus kan is pronounced ‘koh-an’, with the emphasis on the first syllable.’
    • ‘However, diphthongs and macrons are seldom used in modern Romanji to differentiate the vowels with multiple sounds (like the long O).’
    • ‘We are, just barely, in Kaneohe (which might really be Kane'ohe, but none of the maps have the macrons, so I've given up using them anywhere).’
    • ‘I've worked out how to do macrons - these change the meaning of some words in Maori.’
    • ‘It further concerns me that the select committee also states there are concerns about the inaccuracy of the translation, and that macrons have been used in an inconsistent manner.’



/ˈmāˌkrän/ /ˈmeɪˌkrɑn/ /ˈmaˌkrän/ /ˈmæˌkrɑn/ /ˈmākrən/ /ˈmeɪkrən/


Mid 19th century from Greek makron, neuter of makros ‘long’.