Definition of macruran in English:



  • Relating to or denoting those decapod crustaceans (such as lobsters and crayfish) which have a relatively long abdomen.

    • ‘Although groove patterns are less common in phyllocarids than they are in the macruran decapod crustaceans, several genera do exhibit distinctive groove patterns.’
    • ‘Remy and Avnimelech described a lobster-like macruran decapod, which has subsequently been referred to the Stomatopoda Latreille, 1817, the mantis-shrimps.’
    • ‘The macruran and brachyuran decapods, which are not as dependent on swimming, and therefore are less concerned with body drag, do not engage in general body grooming, with few exceptions.’
    • ‘Almost all of the macruran genera display a pattern of occurrence in either fine siliciclastic sediment or carbonate environments.’
    • ‘The assemblage of decapods, one macruran, one anomuran and two brachyurans, is one that would be anticipated in the offshore, relatively quiet water setting of a delta front.’


Mid 19th century (as a noun): from modern Latin Macrura (former suborder name), from Greek makros ‘long’ + oura ‘tail’, + -an.