Definition of maddeningly in English:



  • In an extremely annoying way.

    ‘their failings were maddeningly ignored’
    as submodifier ‘the solution is maddeningly complex’
    • ‘The staging of the love duet is maddeningly persuasive.’
    • ‘The characters are maddeningly underwritten.’
    • ‘His grasp of cinematic language is not fluid enough to prevent the film from becoming, at times, maddeningly opaque.’
    • ‘Hanging flasks released drops of water, which fell, at a maddeningly slow rate, into huge concave discs on the floor.’
    • ‘For many, there seemed to be, maddeningly, nothing there to see.’
    • ‘The subtitles were maddeningly sparse, leaving you with little idea of what was truly taking place.’
    • ‘He is a maddeningly underappreciated American writer, perhaps the least known great writer alive in America.’
    • ‘Whenever Johnson runs out of ideas, he throws in an invisible chihuahua that keeps maddeningly yapping.’
    • ‘In the span of 28 minutes, the band races through 10 songs that are all maddeningly pleasant-sounding.’
    • ‘She tells us that she cannot read Spanish well, so she quotes maddeningly few lines from his letters.’