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  • 1A stony coral of the genus Madrepora.

    ‘The edge of the drop-off is punctuated by large formations of madrepores with contorted outlines.’
    • ‘Their characteristic feature is the mouth, which has two robust incisor teeth that are joined and create a ‘beak’ that can easily break madrepores and pick up tiny algae off the rocks.’
    • ‘It is an extraordinary sight, like scattered carpets flung down, rich brown and gold, blue-white and green, with fans of plate coral and the occasional madrepore or staghorn standing above it.’
    • ‘As such, coral reefs are created from the accumulation of these madrepores.’
    • ‘Constructions in madrepore resist rather well the seisms, frequent but with low intensities in the region.’
  • 2The polyp producing the stony coral of the genus Madrepora.

    ‘The corals and the madrepores that formed 180 million years ago the limestone of the ancient sea bottom, today are the base of the thin layers that keep alive this wide wooded mantle.’
    • ‘They were naturalists, come to see the very first marine aquarium in England, a large collection of madrepores and sea sponges kept in glass cases in the drawing-room of Ashburnham House.’
    • ‘Glide into a deep blue abyss alive with bright small fish species, moray eels and madrepores.’
    • ‘The local waters offer a wide range of subaquatic wonders including corals, sponges, madrepores, parrot fish and lobsters.’
    • ‘The sea represents the island's major richness: colours, transparency, seabeds teeming with fish, madrepores and sea-sponges.’



/ˈmadrəˌpôr/ /ˈmædrəˌpɔr/