Definition of madreporic in English:



See madrepore

  • ‘The oculars in Evechinus also, were never found to have the madreporic surface continued onto them.’
  • ‘So I was able to study the madreporic process that has created the islands in this ocean.’
  • ‘Bassas da India is an emerging, circular madreporic atoll, with an area lower than 1 sq. km.’
  • ‘At night it is more active, preying on sleeping bony fishes, crustaceans and cephalopods, which it pursues with great vigor, often wriggling its way without injury through the gaps in the madreporic formations and even breaking off bits of coral to get at its victim.’
  • ‘The low depth - 18 metres on average - guarantees a lot of dive time and the opportunity to explore the unusually large madreporic pinnacles, as well as the cave openings that are inhabited by large groupers who love the camera, with the utmost tranquillity.’